Pagudpud beach - Philippine Beach

Pagudpud beach is found in Ilocos Norte in Luzon.

It lies 45 miles north of Laoag City, the provincial capital, and about 350 miles north of Manila .

Pagudpud beach reputed to have the longest contiguous white sand with mighty waves and strong winds that can compare to Hawaii.

You can enjoy surfing, boating and swmming all day but beware of the strong undercurrent that can pull you off from the shore.

If you want to spend in a quiet untouristed beach , Pagudpod beach is for you.

You can get to Pagudpud beach by 8 hours bus ride and flight by Laoag International Airport.

Common pasalubong from Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is the Chichacorn and the Longanisa.
Bagnet is famous here like crispy pata and the pinakbet.
Some hotels offer this foods to tourists like the Apo Idon beach hotel and la Helen restaurant.

Pagudpud Beach
<Pagudpud Beach>

Pagudpud Beach Sunset
<Pagudpud Beach Sunset>

A few reminders for those who are planning to go there:

1. Bring enough money for the travel, there are no ATM available in Pagudpud (I think the closest ATM is in Laoag which is several kilometers away). Credit cards are also not accepted anywhere there. All transactions are on cash basis only.

2. Waves can be very unfriendly during rainy season, make sure you swim near the shoreline especially if you're with kids. Water level suddenly drops also in some parts of the beach so be careful.

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