Atlantis Beach Resort

The Atlantis Beach Resort is in Dumaguete, Philippines.

The Atlantis beach resort is a Philippine beach which is great for travellers with good taste for adventure and great recreational activities, and a fond liking for peace and relaxation on a romantic setting.

The Atlantis Beach resort is situated near local diving islands like Apo and Siquijor.
The Atlantis Resort in Dumaguete is an eco-resort that most divers, and those ho like other water sports, truly enjoy. A long stretch of golden sand houses its facilities.

You can enjoy diving and other water activities if you visit the Atlantis Resort in Dumaguete. There are also jungle excursions, hiking trips, and cave exploration activities for the more adventurous people.

You may choose to walk around the pool or go sunbathing instead. Or, you may leisurely walk to Toko’s restaurant and experience fine dining at its best.

Atlantis Beach Resort
<Atlantis Beach Resort>

No matter what you choose to do or where you want your room to be in, the employees of the Atlantis Resort in Dumaguete are ready to help you with your desires. Beautiful, this place would be proven to be a true great experience.

My great grandfather lived in this beach which we now called the Atlantis Beach resort. Before it was not yet developed as a beach resort. They used to live here with his family.

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