Thalatta Beach Resort at Philippines

The Thalatta Beach Resort is a Philippine beach which is facing Apo Island is located in Maluay Zamboanguita which is close to Malatapay Market and Apo Island Pier , well known to locals and tourists.

Thalatta is a perfect vacation resort for the entire family.

Thalatta Beach Resort is a resort in Dumaguete , Philippines facing Apo island , one of the most famous diving spots in the Philippines.

Dumaguete City attracts a considerable number of foreign tourists , due to the ferry rides to the islands .
Thalatta Beach Resort is a confortable little paradise built in a tropical garden.

Enjoy your stay in Thalatta beach resort and accomodation which include a private terrace with the view of the sea , swimming pool and jacuzzi , aircondioning and ceiling fan and bed with solar water heater , bathroom , tv with satellite and mini bar.

Thalatta Beach Resort
<Thalatta Beach Resort>

You can choose from Appetizers to Main Courses, they can serve you with a selection of fresh Seafood, Meat and Vegetarian dishes.

Enjoy your stay in the Philippines at the Thalatta beach resort.

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