Siargao Beach - Philippine Beach -

On the eastern side of the province is Siargao Island, a tropical jewel that hosts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and home of wave surfing, the latest sport and tourist attraction to take the country by storm.

From Manila there are few ways to get to Siargao island. From Manila to Cebu city. Then connect flight Sea Air ( cebu to Siargao Island directly Tue and Wed.)

Connect flight Asian spirit airlines (Cebu to Surigao city Tue Wed Thurs Sat Sun)
Boat or "Fast craft" 2 hours from Surigao city pier to Dapa, Siargao Island.

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Coco Beach Island Resort at Philippines

Coco Beach Island Resort is a beach resort in the island of Mindoro, Philippines.

Situated in a cove near Puerto Galera on the beautiful island of Mindoro.
The quality resort is a natural paradise with tropical rainforests and beautiful secluded beaches, located near Puerto Galera Island of Mindoro which is about 100 km south of Manila.

The resort has facilities which are made from all-natural materials like the coconut and bamboo. The resort is designed in a way such that each facility and its natural surroundings complement each other. So native!!

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Puerto Galera in Mindoro

Puerto Galera always rekindles in my mind whenever I would love to go relaxing.
Puerto Galera is only three and a half hours away from Manila first by bus to the port at Batangas City and then by boat.

Tourists can also take the tourist service called the Sikat, from the City State Tower Hotel in Manila from the Batangas City port to Puerto Galera or Sabang Beach, Mindoro.

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