What is near Bagasbas beach

Not sure which hotels are good. There's a Mines Hotel along Vinzons Avenue.

There's also a Dolor Hotel within the town center.
It is not five star hotel but it is clean with air conditioned and with cable tv and it is only 500 pesos per night.There are lodging places also in Bagasbas Beach.

There are quite some cheap hotels there but from my experience, they do not have as many facilities as you might require or expect.

Yes, they do have excellent seafood and the local cuisine is one of the best in the Philippines that I ever tasted.

The local cuisine is Laing and it is hot and chili with coconut milk.
As with most old towns, the boulevard is the main area of leisure with restaurants, small eateries, and yes, karaoke bars.

It draws families, teenagers, and children during the later hours of the day.
Among the most popular hot spots is Alvino's Pizza, home to the tastiest post-session pizzas in the Daet area. Jollibee is located in the town center.

Bagasbas Beach Wave Riders
<Bagasbas Beach Wave Riders>

However, as I said before, there is little to expect from Daet since its a small town and nightlife of sorts is almost missing out there. Well, the town is still noisy with lots of tricycle out there.

But if you are looking for a relaxed and economic vacation, I would definitely suggest the place. I had written about this as a place for retirees and other travelers who want peace and quiet rather than the hustle and bustle of tourist .

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