Dakak Beach at Philippines

Dakak Park Beach Resort is a Philippine beach located in south part of the Philippines endowed with the sunny white beachfacing the exotic turquoise Sulu Sea.

The 750 meter private beach is blanketed with purepowdery white sand. Natural spring water and tumbling waterfalls feed the resort's twopools, whilst the ultimate hideaway is provided at a private open-air jacuzzi where youcan relax in the sauna and enjoy a quiet solitude.

You can enjoy in Dakak Park Beach Resort absolutely with the aqua sports center.

There are Tennis and Golf come complete with professional instruction.
There's Archery, Billiards, Ten-Pin Bowling and Horse Back treks downtropical trails.

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Really a stay at Dakak Park beach Resort will enable you to relax and unwind and forget about the city's stresses.

Dakak is located in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines. Most of the foods you enjoy are seafoods like the big red crab called Curacha, t
It is offered in the near Dakak Park beach restaurant.

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